LogOnInterfaceWinCC / LogOnInterfaceInTouch

Project name:

LogOnInterfaceWinCC / LogOnInterfaceInTouch




Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach an der Riß


A bottling plant consists of several package units from different suppliers. These are equipped with WinCC (Siemens) an InTouch (Wonderware) HMI systems. The HMI were to be equipped with wireless empleoyee ID card readers to achieve a user login procedure by placing the ID card on the reader.

  • The user names and card IDs are staored in a customer DB. An interface to request the user name for the given card ID was developed.
  • After verfying the ID the user enters his password
  • On correct password the login is forwarded to the HMI system.


The two programs “LogOnInterfaceWinCC” and “LogOnInterfaceInTouch” have been developed, which were designed to meet the specific requirements of the HMI. The existing software for centralized login and logoff (ZAA) was coupled via an interface to the two programs. By placing a personalized badge on the card reader, a login via ZAA at the appropriate HMI with Simatic Logon or InTouch is processed. For the communication between WinCC Simatic Logon / Bosch InTouch and the appropriate interface LogOnInterfaceWinCC / LogOnInterfaceInTouch, Microsofts WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) has been used. By using “named pipes”, it can be assured, that the username and the password are not transmitted in clear text.

Used tools:

  • Programming language C# in Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)


  • The user logs in with his ID card
  • A uniform solution for the user across the entire bottling plant
  • The operator can remove his ID card from the reader and log on again within a configurable timeout interval by placing the ID card again without having to type in the password again.
  • Security of user data by using “named pipes” and encryption