Graphical process protocols „GReport“

Project name:

Graphical process protocols “GReport”




Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach an der Riß


In a production plant for bio-pharmaceutical active ingredients, the distributed control system (DCS) from Honeywell Experion PKS with the recipe system “Total Plant Batch” and the long-term data archiving system “PHD” was introduced. The overall production control is assured with a MES called “PAS-X BioMES” from the Werum company. A software for generation of graphical process protocols should be implemented,

  • which graphically summarizes the course of several documentation-required process values from the PHD system.
  • The presentation should correspond to an “endless representation”, similar to a paper recorder.
  • It should be about a Windows service, which provides the graphical protocols to the BioMES as a PostScript and PDF file, so that the BioMES can save this data as a “paperless” manufacturing documentation.
  • According to the process value configuration, filtering, time range etc., the graphical process protocols should be controlled via DCS tasks through the manufacturing instructions from the BioMES.
  • The processed batch operations during the protocol-period should be displayed as marks in the log.
  • The software should run on a DCS server.


Under Visual Studio 2005 .NET, the programming language Visual Basic of the Windows service “GReport” has been developed and has the function of an endless recorder. In a report, produced by GReport, up to eight measurement pointsat different scales can be shown on an infinite number of pages in DIN A4 format.

The imaging rate of the diagram is variable. At the end of the report page is the keyword section with information about the report, the measurement points and the operations, which were processed during the report period.

These reports are automatically saved as PDF and PostScript files and placed in a configurable folder.

GReport receives the report tasks from the BioMES over an Oracle interface database.

The required measurement values from the measuring points will be extracted from the PHD system of the DCS.

Used tools:

  • Visual Studio 2005 VB.NET with Framework 3.5
  • Components for the display of trend charts


  • Windows service as endless recorder, operation without a user logged into Windows
  • Unattended operation
  • Monitoring of the program functions possible with alarming in case of malfunction
  • Reports in A4 format over any long period of time with any number of pages
  • Eight points per report with different scales
  • Measuring values from the PHD system from the Honeywell company
  • Report commissioned by MES “BioMES” (Oracle database) from manufacturing instructions / DCS operation