S7A for Industrial Ethernet

FIX32 / iFIX driver and OPC DA Server for interfacing with Simatic S7 PLC

Take advantage of the S7A I/O-driver and OPC DA server for the data link of your Simatic S7 with FIX32 / iFIX or other control systems.

S7A I/O combines two products in one:

  • „Classic“ native I/O driver for FIX32, iFIX and Cimplicity by GE Intelligent Platforms.
  • OPC DA Server according to OPC DA 2.0 standard

Supported SCADA and PCS:

  • FIX32 or iFIX by GE Intelligent Platforms
  • Cimplicity 8.0/8.1 by GE Intelligent Platforms
  • any SCADA system supporting OPC DA
  • any PCS supporting OPC DA

Supported communication protocols:

  • Industrial Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Profibus FDL / FMS protocol via Hilscher CIF50-PB Adapter

Industrial Ethernet TCP / IP provides the highest data throughput and allows up to 256 devices attached to one S7A PC.

Supported PLC:

  • S5-95U series (Profibus L2(FDL) via Hilscher CIF50-PB)
  • S5 115-155 series (TCP/IP or Profibus FDL/FMS via Hilscher CIF50-PB)
  • S7-200 series
  • S7-300 series
  • S7-400 series (including S7-400H)
  • S7-1200 series
  • and compatible to above mentioned PLC

The Ethernet interface could be the S7 CPU integrated interface or a separate communications processor (CP).

Supported PC Hardware:

  • For Industrial Ethernet TCP/IP a standard network interface card is required. No other specific hardware like a Siemens CP etc. is needed.
  • For Profibus FDL/FMS protocol a „CIF50-PB“ adapter (made by Hilscher) is required.

OPC compliance:

S7A is compliant to the OLE for Process Control (OPC) Version 2.0 Standard.
Any 2.0 OPC client application can address the PLC data using the S7A OPC DA Server.

S7A I/O driver is licensed and copy protected by a USB hardlock.

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List Prices
  • S7A license (no additional software licenses required)
  • USB hardlock (Software. / file based License key on request)
  • Price excludes german VAT (19%) and shipment
600,00 EUR

The version 7.52 is currently being delivered. The license key already contains the license for the operation of version 8 of the S7A driver, if the upgrade is ordered by version 8 until 31.12.2017. The S7A driver will be released in the third quarter of 2017.

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