What is a MDA-/PDA system?

Process data acquisition (PDA) is a collective term for the collection of actual data about states and processes in companies.

As part of the process data acquisition machine data is also being collected usually. View the following table.

In the production data acquisition, various types of process data are distinguished.

Process data
Organisational process data Technical process data
Order data Personal data Machine data Process data
  • Manufacturing data like times, counts, weights, qualities, quantities
  • work progress, order status, confirmation of job-related work performed with respect to individual operations
  • attendance and working hours, and other data for the calculation of wages
  • labor costs
  • access control
  • switching frequency, durations and interruptions of machines
  • produced quantities
  • messages and faults
  • intervention of service staff
  • data of maintenance (periods, switching cycles)
  • consumption of materials, energy and resources
  • measurements of temperature, pressure, exposure values, etc.
  • quality
  • parameters of the processes
  • setting data

Technical realization

i.p.a.s.-systeme is a system integrator of the FELTEN company.
Within our projects we use the software PILOT [TPM] (formerly PM-SCADA MDA/PDA).

The PDA system is placed between the ERP and control level. Because of the modular design of the system in addition to the functionalities of a PDA system, it can be expanded with some MES functions.

PILOT [TPM] provides the following functions:

  • process data acquisition (PDA)
  • line terminal
  • pharmaceutical line labeling
  • trend management / -analysis
  • statistics
  • reports
  • fault- / downtime analysis
  • key performance indicator (KPI)
  • MES functions

PILOT [TPM] helps in the job-related production and contributes to the optimization of the production process. Extensive analysis and reporting capabilities help to reduce downtimes and the calculation of key figures according to the KPI manual.

The PDA system in the manufacturing

PILOT [TPM] is connected via standardized data interfaces with the machines from the production- or packaging area. OPC DA is typically used for the interface.

The system records operating conditions, downtime reasons, counters, setpoints and actual values of individual machines and arranges that data production- / packaging lines, which may consist of multiple machines.

On the lines, the terminals can be operated with a touch user interface. Here, production orders are selected, setpoints transferred to the machines, as well as the production started and stopped. Downtimes of production are categorized in a comfortable mask and the state of the line and the machines is displayed.

On large screens, so called “pharmaceutical labeling of lines”, which are each assigned to a line, current setpoint and actual values of the current task, the production state of the line and alarms are displayed.

A so-called coach-view supports the work of preparation for the preparation of production and a clear display of the essential data and status of all lines of an area.

It also supports the functions

  • plausibility check and balance against SAP, as well as determination of the material operations by the operation of barcode scanners.
  • printing labels using label printers.
  • batch documentation by the generation of production reports, ID card and run card.
  • Central user and rights management with links to the production- / packaging machinery with audit trail.
  • prevention of faulty production by specifying the order data from SAP.
  • direct transfer of production orders from and reporting back to the parent SAP system (SAP interface)
  • direct import of data collected from the machine level in the PDA system
  • order planning, resource planning, confirmation of orders to SAP
  • audit trail to log all user actions relevant to production
  • integration of the PDA into the corporate network; distribution and processing of the collected data via Ethernet

Data interface to the machines

The production and packaging machines are coupled via a standardized interface to PILOT [TPM].

The communication standard is OPC DA (OLE for Process Control, Data Access). This is internationally standardized for several years. It can be connected PLC or observability and control systems (HMI or SCADA) from different manufacturers.

Validation of the PDA system in the pharmaceutical environment

PILOT [TPM] is in accordance with quality management systems in the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies generally validated.