Honeywell Experion PKS

ADCO is available as optional function block „ADAPCTL“ for Honeywells DCS “Experion PKS”.

ADCO is attached to a control module via the control builder. The processing is done by the Controller (Type C200/C300, ACE)

Supported EPKS Releases:

  • EXP 301.0 and later


  • One cycle in „adaption off“ mode takes 1 msec. CPU time.


  • One license per process server.
  • The amount of possible ADCO instances / control loops depends on the chosen license.

Scope of delivery:

  • Library function block ADCO
  • System displays for visualisation and control
  • Faceplates


  • Via i.p.a.s.-systeme: Contact
  • Via your Honeywell partner

Configuration in Control Builder:

Like any other standard function blocks of the Experion System the adaptive state controller is configured by several specific function masks. Almost all parameter fields have given default values.


Control Builder / ADAPCTL Algorithm

ADAPCTL Point Detail Chart

ADAPCTL Point Detail Loop Tune

Function block

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