ADCO – Functions and Advantages

ADCO / ADMR are adaptive software controllers designed for integration in PLC and DCS.

is a single range controller that practically meets all requirements.

is a multi range controller. ADMR offers eight internal memory banks, one for each identified process model. ADMR is especially suitable for processes with nonlinear properties.


ADCO / ADMR is an adaptive state controller and does not use PID algorithms. Any identified process model is assumed to be 3rd order. Thus all process classes are covered as any process has time constants / orders that are neglible. Consideration of the three dominating time constants (orders) is sufficient to generate an adequate process model.
The identification process goes by the names DSRF (Discrete Square Root Filtering) and SRIF (Square Root Information Filtering).

The above statements are well-known theory and have been printed in books for more than 30 years. Theory, however, alone doesn’t make to an industrial application. We have developed several “Add-Ons” to the controller.

  • Control AND process variable values are filtered before determining the process model. Thus disturbance which may affect the process model quality is reduced.
  • A “supervisory level” checks the plausibility of the determined process models prior to the optimization of the control.
  • Gain Supervision: If the gain leaves a specified range, a change of the real process is assumed and the model is not forwarded to optimization until the gain becomes stable in the valid range again.

ADCO / ADMR is available for the below DCS and PLC:

Outstanding advantages compared to conventional PID controllers

  • Essentially faster tuning
  • Improved control quality
  • Increased robustness if process characteristics change (which they often do).
  • Better control behaviour controlling processes with integrating and / or deadtime characteristics.
  • Optimal tuning for setpoint and disturbance control
  • Adaptation to changing process characteristics
  • Asymptotic tuning (no overshoot)

ADCO / ADMR is suitable for any control loops – the sophisticated as well as the standards.

Used worldwide in more than 3000 control loops in different industries and years of experience plead for the performance and quality of our adaptive controller ADCO / ADMR.

Please see the ADCO Flyer for more Information