Adaptive Loop Controllers ADCO / ADMR

In industry PID controls are the common choice and in most cases they cover the plant operators needs at first glance.

Did you ever investigate how many of your plants pid controls in fact are permanently in automatic mode (as they should be) and how often your operators have to take action e.g. setting the output manually or changing the setpoint to reduce the time reaching the desired value?

This might have several reasons, such as:

  • Bad controller configuration
  • The control process properties have changed (due to changes in plant design)
  • The control process is too complex for the controller
  • … and many more

Possible consequences are:

  • Variations in your products quality or even poor quality
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Increased wear of (mechanical) control elements
  • The personnel spends too much time on taking care of the control

The solution is our controllers ADCO and ADMR (ADaptive COntroller / ADaptive MultiRange controller) which show impressive advantages over standard PID controls, such as

  • Massive saving of time for set-up and maintenance of the control
  • Improved control performance (esp. in processes with significant deadtime and integrating characteristics)
  • Improved regulation and command tracking
  • Adaption to changes in process
  • Asymptotical attainment of setpoint

ADCO and ADMR are software controllers capable running on a wide range of PLC or DCS.

Start optimizing your plant and take a closer look at the possible savings and technics of ADCO / ADMR.

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