Consulting – Engineering – intelligent Software – Outsourcing


Service provider in Oberursel (Germany) for…

  • Software development and databases
  • Automation- and Process control technology / Batch-systems
  • MES- and MDA- / PDA systems
  • Complex control engineering
  • Consulting

… with experience and references in industries like …

  • Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical technology production
  • Chemical industries
  • Food industries
  • Mechanical engineering

New address

Our address: Nassauer Straße 60, D-61440 Oberursel

LogOnPlus_Logo_mobil_TransparentLogOnPlus – Your Future of Authentication!

You’ve certainly made a similar experience. You work with a MES, a process control or SCADA system. Before you can actually start to work, you’ll need to go through the authentication process at your work station. Whenever you leave it, you’ll have to log off and log in again upon each return. Only in that case, security and safety of your data is guaranteed.

Should your company require the use of a keen password, the constant registration and deregistration process is not only extremely time-consuming but stressful, too.

With LogOnPlus, annoying authentication processes belong to the past forever!

Industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, automotive, logistics, banking, insurance and many others may highly benefit  from the use our product.

Since 2014 i.p.a.s.-systeme is an official partner and System Integrator of OSIsoft. Are you interested in a product? Or do you have a question? Feel free to contact us!