Demo / Tool Beschreibung
S7M – MPI Driver Demo
S7M-Driver Standard-version Rel. 1.76 01/11/2011 in ZIP-format as a disk for FIX – Setup
for real testing you require the Hardware (CP, cable, S7-PLC) – you also need the PRODAVE software interface (download a test version of this page)
Dokumentation In English as PDF-File
PRODAVE Disk1 DRODAVE Disk2 Siemens CPxxxx PLC access interface for tests ,only The S7M-driver requires that tool for using the CP in the PC (MPI-adapter)
– In ZIP-format as a disk, version 3.02 – this version supports Win95/98 and WinNT – This version does not support WinMe, Win2k, XP or higher – For further information, please contact our supporting-team!
Example – Applications for S7M MPI Driver
For FIX 32 Demo-Application for FIX32 Including a demo-picture (S7MDEMO.ODF), a demo-database  (S7MDEMO.PDB) and a demo-driver configuration (FIX.S7M)
For iFIX Demo-Application for iFIX 2.6 Including: demo-pictures, demo-database and demo-driver configuration
Step 7-Program Demo-Application for S7 CPU Including a STEP7 project directory, source code and hardware configuration for S7-314 / S7-416 PLC