Process data reporting

The creation of meaningful reports in electronic form, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, is an important issue. The obligation for complete manufacturing documentation is essentially required.

We have developed software solutions, which are used for automated generation of

  • CIP reports
  • SIP reports
  • graphical reports.

For the creation of graphical reports we developed a software solution, which collaborates with Honeywells DCS Experion PKS and with Werums MES “PAS-XBIOTECH”.

The MES can initiate a creation of graphical reports using a DCS-task of a preparation method.

The creation of the report occurs within the “EPKS”.

The report is being created in form of an fanfold paper as a postscript and/or a PDF file.

The report shows the recipes report parameters and is dynamically configurable .

Parameters / options:

  • batch unit
  • time range
  • measuring point names
  • colors of the lines
  • scaling
  • etc.

During the report time range, the report will show the processed basic operations or partial recipes as marks; detailed information will be printed in the keyword-section on the last report page.


  • Individual measuring data reports
  • The report in the MES can be saved as a postscript or PDF file
  • Concentration of the essential data during a manufacturing process
  • Easy detailed analysis of the manufacturing process


  • MES „PAS-X BIOTECH“ from Werum
  • DCS with TotalPlant batch
    • Experion PKS from Honeywell
  • DCS with FactoryTalk batch from Rockwell Automation
    • deltaV from Emerson
    • Proficy Batch from GE

In this area, we have years of experience, especially in the pharmaceutical environment.

Further details can be found on our website with a sample project.

Graphical process protocols