Production scheduling

Production scheduling is used for forward planning of the production process.
In conjunction with a distributed control system (DCS) with batch mode, our software makes it possible to create easy and multi-user capable possibilities for the central administration of batch recipes and user-friendly planning of manufacturing orders.

It is about tools, which are suitable for the preparation of work.

The recipes, partial recipes or basic operations from a DCS batch system will still be created, changed and versioned in the DCS. Our software “BatchLoader” communicates over a data interface with the recipe database of the DCS and synchronizes this data with the own database (Oracle) of the “BatchLoader”.

Using the “BatchLoader” now, the recipe elements from the DCS can be arranged in executable “packages” and sequences (subsets and master sets) with version administration. All recipe parameters can be configured in “BatchLoader”.
The subsets and master sets can be planned for production by using a calendar, similar to MS Outlook.

The “BatchLoader” takes over the automatic download of the recipe elements in the batch system of the DCS because of the planning calendar. The batches can be executed automatically.

The “BatchLoader” has a variety of reporting options.


  • DCS with TotalPlant Batch
    • Experion PKS from Honeywell
  • DCS with FactoryTalk Batch from Rockwell Automation
    • deltaV from Emerson
    • Proficy Batch from GE

In this area, we have years of experience, especially in the pharmaceutical environment.

Further details can be found on our website with sample projects