Audit Trail reporter

Project name:

Audit Trail Reporter


Pharmaceutical, Chemical


Honeywell GmbH Offenbach (Germany)


Recipe changes made in the Recipe Editor of the Honeywell Total Plant batch are stored in an event file (XML format) on the batch server. Because numerous recipe changes in several recipe editor sessions have been made during the time, a vast number of event files have been generated. If you try now to understand the changes throughout the entire life cycle of a recipe, one must examine each single event file.


The software “Audit Trail Reporter” is used to show an efficient overview of all changes on recipe items made in the recipe editor. This audit trail information is available for three query types. Using these options, a complex and individual presentation of the desired audit trail files is possible.


The package “Audit Trail Reporter” consists of two components:

The Windows service “Audit Trail Service” read the audit trail files of the recipe editor and sorts the entries according to the recipe element names. Each individual element has its own recipe file in XML format, which carries the name of the element.

The software “Audit Trail Reporter” itself. The GUIs main windows is seperated into the four panes Query, Filter, Ouput Table and Options. Presets and results may be saved and printed.


Used tools:

  • C# Visual Studio .NET 2010 with Framework 3.5


  • View of audit trail information in table form
  • Query of the audit trail information related to time and recipe element
  • Query of recipe- (procedures) and partial recipe names (unitprocedures) from Procedure Analyst SQL Database and creation of the related audit trail information
  • Use of multiple batch servers possible
  • Grouping, filtering and sorting of audit trail information
  • Saving and loading of the layout
  • Printing and exporting
  • Recording in log file