Data Sheet

Supported OS S7A
Windows NT 4.0 SP5 and newer
Windows 2000
Windows XP SP 2 and newer
Windows Server 2003
Windows Vista
Windows 7 Professional
Windows Server 2008 (32 Bit)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 Bit)
Supported HMI / SCADA / PCS S7A
FIX for Windows NT Version 6.15 and newer
FIX Dynamics Version 2.1 and newer
Proficy iFIX Version 3.5 and newer
Cimplicity HMI Version 8.0 and newer
Any HMI / SCADA / PCS providing an OPC DA client interface
Supported PLS
S5-95U series (Profibus L2(FDL) with Hilscher CIF50-PB adapter installed at host PC)
S5 115-155 Series (TCP/IP oder Profibus FDL/FMS with Hilscher CIF50-PB adapter at host PC)
S7-200 series with CP 243-1
S7-300 series
S7-400 series
S7-400H series
S7-1200 series

(Note that for S7-1200 PLC the “slot” value hat to be set to 0 (zero) in device configuration. Addressing the data itself is identical to S7-300/400)

Supported ethernet communication processors (Cp) for Siemens PLC S7A
CP 243-1 for S7-200 series
CP 343-1 (except: CP 343-1 ISO 6GK7 343-1 1BA00-0XE0)
CP 343-IT
CP 343-1 PN
CP 443-1
CP 443-IT
All SPS-CPUs with integrated ProfiNet/DP Interface
Simatic WinAC Soft-SPS
Supported profibus communication processore (CP)
for Siemens PLC
CP 342-5 (Profibus DP)
CP 343-5 (Profibus FMS)
Supported communication processors (CP) for S5 Ethernet TCP/IP communication S7A
Siemens CP 1430 TCP
Ethernet-characteristics S7A
Maximum addressable device count 256
Ethernet TCP/IP Standard „MS Windows socket communication”
Besondere Features S7A
No further low level drivers needed
Works as OPC DA server
Redundancy option. When R/W from primary device fails, S7A switches to configured backup device.
Configurable byte indexing with analog register blocks
Further programming or configuration of S7 is not necessary.
Channels, devices, data blocks can be de/activated at runtime.
Block-write mode is adjustable at runtime.
Polling setting (off, cycle, one-shot) adjustable at runtime
State can be checked at runtime.
Performance measurement at poll record length 200 bt. show:
– 45 msg./sec. using S7-313 CPU
– 60 msg./sec. using S7-416 CPUThe msg./sec. value indicates the amount of poll records the driver can process in one second. This value can be monitored at the FIX Mission Control.
45msg./sec. @S7-313CPU

60 msg./sec. @S7-416 CPU

Symbol editor for OPC DA items.
Supports symbol addressing to iFIX database and OPC DA clients. Using the symbol editor, configurable (evocative) tag names are mapped to physical addresses. Symbolic and physical addressing can be used concurrent.
Data monitor:
To ease setup and maintenance of the connections to the devices and the client applications, a data monitor is included to quickly read and show any desired value / array of the connected devices . Configured settings can be saved and reloaded.
Supported pool record types S7A
BIT (configuration at addressing in database block)
BYTE (8 bits integer, low / high byte, configuration in database block)
WORD (16 bits unsigned integer)
INT (16 bits signed integer)
DWORD (32 bits unsigned integer)
DINT (32 bits signed integer)
LongINT (64 bits integer)
This type is supported in the iFIX database from iFIX version 4.5 onwards.
REAL (32 bits IEEE floating point)
ASCII (characters, strings)
Supported PLC operand ranges S7-200 S7-1200
Data block (DB) r/w
Special Memory (SM) r/w
Variable Memory (V) r/w
Read inputs
Read and write outputs
Flags (merker) r/w
Counter values r/w
Read times
Read PLC state (run/stop)
Read PLC info (MLFB Id.)
Read system information
Output control / online features S7A
HWOU (scaling of unsigned raw values in hardware options area of database block)
HWOS (scaling of signed raw values in hardware options area of database block)
LIN (linear scaling of raw values inside set signal range of datablase block)
KG (interprets two 16 bit words as S5 floating point format)
KT (S5 counter format, interprets one 16 bit word as S5 ctr value)
KZ (S5 timer format in seconds, interprets one 16 bit word as S5 timer value by internal BCD coding)
HBYT/LBYT (high byte / low byte analysis of a 16 bit word)
FLT (treats two 16 Bit words like one IEEEE floating point value)
S&M (Shift and mask – shifting and masking of bits inside a variable)
Desired values are states of bit 4 and 5 in a word. Bit 4 and 5 can be shifted to the first positions of word without affecting the other bits (masked).
DWORD (Poll record is of WORD type: Interprets four bytes of poll record as unsigned 32 bits value; thus poll records with variable data types may be processed.)
DINT (Poll record is of WORD type: Interprets four bytes of poll record as 32 bits signed integer; thus poll records with variable data types may be processed.)
REAL(Poll record is of WORD type: Interprets four bytes of poll record as IEEE 32 bits floating point value; thus poll records with variable data types may be processed.)
POLL_TIME (set the polling cycle at runtime)
POLL_CTRL (de-/activate poll record at runtime)
DEV_CTRL (de-/activate a device at runtime)
POLL_STAT (read poll record state at runtime)
BLOCK_WR (set the block write mode at runtime)

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