GE Proficy iFIX

With the company GE Intelligent Platforms – and formerly Intellution – we have a lasting partnership as system integrators for many years. Our know-how, regarding SCADA systems FIX32 and Proficy iFix, is based on many projects, which were processed since 1988. We process their projects with Proficy iBatch in association with Proficy iFix and, for example, Simatic S7.

Benefit from our experience!

Beside the common engineering services we are specialized on

  • Programming of
    • Database dynamos for the database of Proficy iFIX
    • Add-On software
  • Creation of complex faceplates for the creation of process pictures
  • Interface programming between Proficy iFIX / iBatch and foreign systems / MES
  • Interface programming between iBatch and foreign systems / MES
  • Programming of Add-On software for the Batch system (Batch-Server API)
    • Application „BatchLoader“ for production scheduling of batches for preparation of work and report creation
  • User-specific reports
  • Adaptive control

Inform about our I/O-Drivers for Proficy iFIX and iBatch

Sample application

Batch facility with iFIX / iBatch / Simatic S7

  • Procedural discontinuous production plant
  • Proficy iFIX for monitoring and control
  • Proficy iBatch for recipe administration and batch processing with ISA-S88
  • > 10 batch units
  • Ca. 400 operations, partial recipes, recipes

  • Ca. 200 phases
  • Application of our „Phase Logic Interface“ (PLI) for communication between iBatch and Simatic S7
  • Development of generic phase structure in Simatic S7
    • Phases are created with Graph7.
    • Phases are equipped with the handlers Main, Abort, Stop, Halt, Restart

    • Application of our faceplate in Proficy iFIX for execution of hand-held functions through the operator, controlled through phases
    • Application of our faceplate in Proficy iFIX for monitoring / control of phases
    • Proficy iFIX SCADA and iBatch server communicate independently of each other over industrial ethernet TCP/IP with Simatic S7 with our I/O driver S7A