Felten Pilot

PILOT [TPM] Machine- / production data acquisition

i.p.a.s.-systeme is a system integrator of the FELTEN company.
Within our projects we use the software PILOT [TPM] (formerly PM-SCADA MDA/PDA).

Particularly those, who have high demands on the productivity of manufacturing processes, will find a market-leading solution with PILOT [TPM]. This function module of the MES family PILOT [Suite] for the machine- and production data acquisition belongs, through its sophisticated methods and above-average level of innovation, to the leading solutions of machine- and production data acquisition. It collects all production relevant job data, production data, machine data, quality data and maintenance data, which are going to be documented and archived afterwards company-wide through reports. Current and historical process values and states can be displayed numerically or graphically. And if in an running manufacturing process individually defined limits are exceeded, an alarm message will be created automatically.

PILOT [TPM] can also easily be integrated into the structures of production and enjoys a convenient transfer of data to the ERP system, regardless of the manufacturer. The decentralized, web-based MDA / PDA solution corresponds to the way as all PILOT products meet international quality standards of GMP and FDA (21 CFR Part 11) in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemistry, medicine, food and beverages. The multi-lingual solution can easily be integrated in existing applications and can be connected to the ERP platforms and machines from most different manufacturers through flexible structures and interfaces.

What PILOT [TPM] can offer to you:

  • Reasons of production disruptions are noticed immediately and can be resolved in most cases.
  • The rate of the loss of production is going to be reduced massively.
  • The ressources in plants and processes can be exhausted efficiently.
  • More quality means higher gain, a reduced rate of complaint and more satisfied customers.
  • The system supports the company policy in the reduction of expenses actively.
  • Best practice methods speed up the implementation and support a less administrative company.
  • The way to production intelligence is going to be levelled.
  • Promotion of return on investment