Proficy iFIX

ADCO / ADMR is avaliable as optional Dastabase Dynamo for GEs SCADA Proficy iFIX.

In iFIX, measuring points are configured block-oriented in a “Database”.

These database blocks are processed by all means in a specific period which is adjustable for each block.

Using ADCO / ADMR you upgrade Proficy iFIX with the control capabilities of a PCS.

Visualisation and configuration of ADCO / ADMR is integrated into iFIX.

ADCO / ADMR is inserted and configured like any other iFIX standard dynamo.

The processing is done by iFIX on the iFIX host PC.

Supported Proficy iFIX versions:

  • Version 2.21 and later


  • One Cycle in „adaption off“ mode takes 0,1 sec. CPU time on an average equipped PC. This 100 msec is the shortest period possible for iFIX.


  • One license each SCADA PC.
  • No limitations re. number of ADCO instances / control loops per SCADA PC

Scope of delivery:

  • Database Dynamos (Function blocks) ADCO and ADMR
  • Prepared graphical elements available on request.


Configuration in database builder:

Like any other database block ADCO is configured in the workspace or database builder.


ADCO configuration window

ADMR faceplates

ADMR faceplates

ADMR detail view

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